Sewer Line Inspections

When it comes to problems with your sewer and drains, it is never a good idea to just take a guess and start a repair. At Todd Plumbing Co., we put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list and provide sewer line inspection services to ensure that we complete the correct repair or replacement. With the latest technology available, we are able to get a camera into your drains and pipes to see what is really going on. After taking a look, we will know with certainty which route to take for repairs.

What We Might Find

Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues with your sewer line that may be causing slow running toilets, slow drains, or frequent backups. With our high tech sewer line inspection system, we can look for:

  • A cracked sewer line
  • Blockages resulting from grease, food, toilet paper, and foreign objects
  • Pipe joints that are leaking
  • Intrusions from nearby tree or shrub roots
  • A bellied drain line
  • Pipe materials that are deteriorating with age
  • Sink holes in streets, sidewalks, and yards

With our video inspection, we will never have to guess what to do. After discovering whether you’ve got a leaky joint, blockage, deterioration or other problem, our experienced sewer and drain experts will handle the repair and get your job taken care of as quickly as possible.


Camera Inspection Cost

By including a camera in your sewer line inspection, your technicians can evaluate your pipes’ conditions with stunning accuracy. Cameras allow our technicians to locate the sources of any leaks. In many instances, this is one of the only ways to find corroded or leaking pipes, or other serious issues. So, how much will this service cost you? While that figure does vary per job and location, a residential video sewer inspection typically costs anywhere between $100 and $900. In many cases, video inspections are not included in regular home inspections — they are a specialized service. Thus, it’s always best to consult with a professional plumber to receive a cost estimate. Contact Todd plumbing today for more information!

Benefits of Camera Inspection

There are some obvious benefits of sewer line inspection with cameras, including the fact that you won’t waste time or money on unnecessary repairs. Other benefits include a clean process, a quick process and an effective process.

What are the benefits of getting a sewer line camera inspection?

Having a sewer line camera inspection has numerous benefits that people simply do not talk about often enough. One of the leading expenses a homeowner may experience comes from a sewer system that has not been maintained. If the system is on your property, the city is not responsible for its maintenance; you are, which is something most homeowners don’t know about their property.

Having an inspection done using a camera can point out any potential problems, such as a leak or a clog that may occur within the sewer system. When these issues are discovered early on, we can work with the homeowner to solve the issue and ensure it does not become something worse. A worsening leak, for example, could cause flooding or massive backups in the home, which can be costly and devastating. This is why it pays to have your sewer line investigated with a camera soon.

What are the common problems found during a sewer line inspection?

Sewer pipes tend to be quite hearty in construction, but even the toughest material used can break down or get torn after a bit of time has passed since their installation or last maintenance work. The most common issue plaguing a sewer line tends to be tree roots, which can grow right through the metal of the pipe and form blockages or serious leaks in the ground. These roots will wind their way into any tiny opening they can find, expanding once they reach the interior of the sewer line. This causes backups from grease and food that were sent down the drain. Chemicals can sometimes kill the tree roots, but if they reappear, the pipes may become damaged. This requires excavation in order to effectively fix the problem. The only way to discover this damage and find the tree root problem early on is by inspecting the sewer line by using a camera.

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