Plumbing Maintenance

While plumbing system maintenance may seem like a nuisance, a few simple practices can help you both avoid unexpected plumbing problems and save time and money. You wouldn’t stop performing regular oil changes on your car just because it costs a bit extra, right? The same rule applies to your home or business plumbing maintenance. Todd Plumbing provides reliable and affordable plumbing system maintenance in Zanesville and the surrounding area. If you would like to schedule your service today, call (740) 453-2081 to make an appointment!


Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Plumbing maintenance can be incredibly easy once you know what to do. Just a few minutes every week can mean the difference between a clear flowing plumbing system and a plumbing emergency! Here are some easy plumbing maintenance tips:

  • Use drain filters to prevent solids from making their way into your plumbing.
  • Never pour oil or grease down your drain.
  • Check routinely for leaks in areas prone to them, like under the sink.
  • Call a professional for regular drain and pipe cleaning.
  • If you see a problem, don’t procrastinate - call a plumber today.

Maintenance Checklist

The average home or business owner knows little to nothing in regards to their home or business plumbing. While calling a plumber is the go-to for many, there are a few important tasks you can perform yourself. Follow this maintenance checklist to lay a solid foundation for your plumbing system maintenance.

  • Find the water shut-off valve to prevent accidental flooding.
  • Listen to your drains and fixtures. If one sounds ‘off’ it may mean a clog is developing.
  • Routinely clean out the P-traps under sinks to prevent clogs.
  • Check tanks on your toilets to ensure they are draining properly.
  • Check around any fixtures for signs of water damage.

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