Plumbing Remodeling

Any type of remodeling job is a great way to improve your home or office without breaking the bank. At Todd Plumbing Co., we offer various plumbing remodeling services to meet your needs. We are a family owned and operated business, so we understand what you want the end result to be. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, your remodeling project will be handled by professionals with years of experience in the industry.


What Should You Remodel?

Perhaps you’re sure you want a remodel, but not sure exactly which plumbing fixtures and elements should be improved. At Todd Plumbing, we handle those that are typical, as well as those that you may specifically request. The following are some common plumbing remodeling projects for you to consider:

  • New faucet installation for bathtubs, showers, and sinks
  • Fixture repair or replacement, including showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs
  • Vanity installation
  • Sewer and sump pump installation and repairs
  • Drain and other pipe replacements

While these are our most common requests, there is nothing too big or too small for us to handle. Don’t forget that sometimes a remodel doesn’t have to be to improve the look of your home. Sometimes you may just want the hidden pipes to be remodeled for more efficiency, which is something we can handle as well.

Your plumbing remodeling project is important to us, and we take good care of you from your initial call down to the completion of the project. We realize that cost may play a role in the project, which is why we’ll work directly with you to come up with something that is easily affordable for you.

Plumbing Remodeling Tips

A plumbing remodel is no small task. Before you begin tearing into your bathroom, consider contacting a professional.

Here are a few tips for a great bathroom remodel:

  • Tile – Tile bathroom flooring has become immensely popular, largely because of how easy it is to clean and maintain.
  • Caulk – When using caulk, opt for acrylic or hybrid formulas, as they offer long-term protection.
  • Height Matters – When installing new accessories, such as towel bars, factor in the height of your home’s occupants. This should affect where you place things.
  • Niches – If you’re connecting a new shower, consider a niche for your bath accessories. These little cubbies can save you precious minutes in your morning routine.
  • Top-Tier Toilet – Do not settle for the cheapest toilet at the home improvement store. Instead, find a high-efficiency model with a Maximum Performance (MaP) score of over 500.

Learning More About Remodeling

To learn more about remodeling your plumbing and which aspects will be the most beneficial for you, contact Todd Plumbing Co. today at (740) 453-2081 or through our online form. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, you will never be disappointed with our licensed and qualified technicians.

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